Airfield lighting

The test system for airfield and airport lighting

The luca’lux - airfield lighting test system allows fast and easy measurement and test of any airfield lighting system in compliance with the ICAO (FAA, CAP168) regulations and any others.
Contrary to the time-consuming goniometer measurement, the luca’lux method realizes a precise measurement of the luminous intensity distribution of the lights within only a few seconds. It is understood that the measurement is calibrated according to international measurement standards.

Test and control systems

Production and quality control

The opsira eol (end of line) systems enable both the control of your production process and the quality of your products before delivery. opsira verifies your products while they are manufactured, robot based if required. The control is part of an automated solution including loading and unloading of the devices under test as well as pass/fail labelling of your products.

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  • Measuring principle

    Measuring principle

    The luminous intensity emitted by the airfield lighting systems is reflected on a white high-quality measuring surface. The respective illuminance distribution is created on this measuring surface. The absolutely calibrated measuring camera system measures this illuminance distribution and converts the measuring values directly into the corresponding luminous intensity values. This method of speedy and precise light measurement has been successfully field-tested in a great variety of applications, such as automobile headlamps, medical lamps, endoscopes and airfield lighting.

    For automatic measurement of airfield lighting systems emitting with a high angular divergence, either a corresponding large measuring surface or a turntable or a goniometer is used. In case of the turntable method, the device under test is turned to and measured in different angle positions towards the measuring surface during the measurement. These single measurements are generated into a total measurement (stitching of the single measurements) by the measuring software automatically with regard to the angular measuring range required by the standard. A complete measurement including the output of a professional test report can be done by little more than a mouse click.

      • test client
    • Maintenance and Calibration

      Maintenance and Calibration

      When installing the test system on site, opsira's engineers calibrate the system in compliance with international photometric transfer standards. The calibration records extensively document the traceability to international photometric standards.

      Furthermore, opsira offers the recalibration and maintenance of the system which is carried out once a year usually. The software provides a comfortable and easy-to-use calibration assistant which enables the user to carry out the calibration alone.

      • loading drawer
      • calibration
    • Software


      Basic software

      Via the basic software the luminous intensity distribution of the airfield lights can be measured and analysed in any way. The user is able to define any standards or testing regulations. Thus, the amendment of a standard can be done easily by the user. The corresponding ICAO or FAA compliant evaluation masks are delivered with the system, if desired.

      Customised test client

      The use of an easy-to-handle front-end is advantageous not only for maintenance at the airports, but also for final inspection at the manufacturers’ plants. The reduced number of control elements on the user interface minimises the chance of incorrect handling and optimises clarity. By means of the password protected login the measurement can easily be traced back to the person who carried out the measurement. The test protocol includes a precise qualification of the test sample, of the type and of the date and is stored in a database. An automated printout of the test protocol is possible, too.

      • The test stand is delivered including customised user interfaces depending on the specific demands. All important control elements for the measurement are handed out to the test staff. The basic settings, e.g. the link of the corresponding standards to the airfield lighting are done in an administrator mode.
      • Test protocols are generated, stored or printed automatically as required by the customer. Thus, each test result can easily be associated and traced to the measured airfield light.

    Obstacle lighting

    Head lamps

    Train signal lighting

    Airfield and airport lighting

    Marine signal lighting

    Traffic signal lighting

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    power and voltage supplyAC, DC, up to 6 kW
    power measuring devicesP, Peff, frequency, phase shift, etc.
    thermal sensor systemtemperature, air pressure, humidity (i.e. for EN 13032-4)
    temperature sensor systemmultichannel measurement by thermocouples
    temperature control of samplesheating or cooling control of the sample
    identification of samplesbarcode and DMC reader
    labelling of sampleslabel printer, marker
    ambient light protectionenclosure
    securitylaser scanner for safety of user and system