optical development


Precision right from the start

Our conception of optical systems includes the precise testing of their complexity as to the optical demands, environmental conditions and costs. Thus we are able to make well-founded, immediate predictions regarding their possible success within the conceptual design phase.

The conceptual design phase includes:

  • Delineation of the optical concept
  • Measurement of benchmark products
  • Consideration of environmental influences (temperature, mechanical loads)
  • Calculation of the luminous flux needed with respect to the estimated efficiency of the system
  • Étendue-Calculations
  • Selection of the light source
  • Spectral considerations
  • Evaluation of production aspects
  • Cost estimation of prototypes, tools and series parts


by optics simulation

opsira optimizes optical systems by virtual prototyping, which allows a wide investigation of design concepts and spaces without the need to prototype hardware. The main tools are optical simulation software, CAD-software and optical metrology. The simulation models are based on the opsira in-house lightlab measurements of light sources, materials and surfaces which guarantee reliable results. opsira designs for manufacturability and can manufacture the designs through extensive and well-established partnerships with production companies specializing in plastic, glass or metal optical component manufacture that can manufacture the designs.

The development phase includes:

  • Virtual Prototyping: optical and mechanical
  • Materials models
  • Light source models
  • Optical component design by state-of-the-art optical development and simulation software
  • Verifying all optical values and parameters of standards and customer requirements
  • Sensitivity/Tolerance analyses
  • Component specification
  • Generation of CAD-data for the production
  • Data exchange with the production

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What is optics development?

Optics development is primarily concerned with the concept of the optical system and the data of comparable systems. The process is followed by all the necessary calculation steps that make the concept reliable, as well as an assessment for production with an initial cost estimate. Another important point in the development of optics is the optical simulation. Here, models are used to determine the material and components in order to achieve the best possible results. As a result of the process, CAD data is exchanged with production, for example.

For which industries does opsira develop optics?

opsira develops optical systems according to individual requirements. The industry does not play a decisive role. Optical developments from opsira are being used in all areas where lighting is involved, in the automotive industry, in medical technology or for signal lights.

How fast can opsira carry out optics development?

Project times of optics design range from a few weeks to several months, depending on the task, the variety and possible test loops. Due to the high truth to reality in the opsira developments, many of the developments can go into series production without prototyping.

What does optics development cost?

The costs of optics development cannot be quantified across the board, but are directly related to the requirements. Contact us and we will clarify your project in detail to enable us to estimate development costs. We will be happy to provide you with a detailed and informative offer.