Luminance and color measurement system

The measuring cameras of the product family luca enable the high-resolution measurement of luminance and radiance distributions.
luca analyzes the spatially resolved luminance in a fast and easy way, whether you measure displays, control elements or luminaires.
The comfortable control and evaluation software offers a variety of evaluation functions.
luca is based on high-quality CMOS-matrix cameras and, in HighDyn mode, provides up to 5 decades of dynamics within one measurement – at an outstanding signal-to-noise ratio.

Luminance camera luca

Spatially resolved luminance measurement

The system add-on luca'color allows measurements of up to 10 different spectral weighting functions. Thus, besides the luminance photometer measurement, the spatially resolved measurement of the color distribution according to CIE 1931 is possible. Furthermore, in combination with one of the opsira goniophotometers, polychromatic ray data for the use in optics simulation can be generated. Further spectral weightings can easily be realized.
A great number of different measuring lenses facilitate a high flexibility in the size of the measuring lenses.
luca’remote, the powerful TCP/IP interface is available for the integration of luca into automated control processes, such as end-of-line controls.

Measuring quantities

Luminance distributionL(x,y) [cd/m²]
Radiance distributionL(x,y) [W/(m²·sr)]


Measuring range luminance0,1 cd/m² bis 1 Mcd/m² *¹
Measuring dynamics12 Bit / 16 Bit im HighDyn mode by multiple exposure
Measuring time20 μs to 20 s possible
Spatial resolution
Spatial resolution 5 MP model
Spatial resolution 12 MP model

2464 x 2056 effective image points
4112 x 2008 effective image points
Linearity> 99%
Measuring error (standard type A)Luminance: ± 4%, x,y : ± 0,004

*¹ depending on the measuring lens, upper limit arbitrarily scalable by suitable neutral density filters

opsira luminance measurement cameras are available in various sizes



Measuring quantities

Model: LMS-5
Resolution: 5 Megapixel
Measuring quantities: Luminance and radiance
Model: LMS-12
Resolution: 12 Megapixel
Measuring quantities: Luminance and radiance
Model: LMS-5-F
Resolution: 5 Megapixel
Measuring quantities: Luminance and radiance, color
Model: LMS-12-F
Resolution: 12 Megapixel
Measuring quantities: Luminance and radiance, color

*¹ dependent on the measuring lens, upper limit can be scaled as required using suitable neutral density filters.





luca’luxSystem add-on for fast measurement of illuminance and luminous intensity distributions
gonio'0pi, gonio'2pi, gonio'4piGoniophotometer for angle-dependent measurement
robogonioGoniophotometer for angle-dependent measurement with high flexibility
Measurement lensesMeasurement lenses for measurement of various areas at different distances
FilterFilter for any spectral weighting functions
FixingTripods, fixing for wall and ceiling, camera adapter

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