Medical lighting

The test system for medical lighting

mlts is based on the system add-on luca'lux for fast measurements with high resolution and test of illuminance distributions by a photometrically corrected measuring camera.

The photometric and geometric measurement of the light field is done within seconds and tested against the respective standards (e.g. DIN EN 60601-2-41).
In case the luminaires need to be adjusted or calibrated additionally, the mlcs (medical lighting calibration system) offers a wide range of possibilities to adjust different work items or different light fields.

Both systems, mlts and mlcs, are easily expandable by a spectrometer element (-spec). This way the test and also the adjustment of all relevant colorimetric parameters such as color temperature, chromaticity coordinates, color rendering index are realized.
The test and calibration systems come with a simple and easy-to-use frontend permitting almost no faults during series tests. An automatic report generation and storage is carried out if required.

There are further components such as laserscanner or -printer, database connection and direct current feed of the samples through the test software.

Test and control systems

Production and quality control

The opsira eol (end of line) systems enable both the control of your production process and the quality of your products before delivery. opsira verifies your products while they are manufactured, robot based if required. The control is part of an automated solution including loading and unloading of the devices under test as well as pass/fail labelling of your products.

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  • Measuring principle

    Measuring principle

    Based on a luminance measurement system, the mlts / mlcs is able to measure illuminance distributions with high resolution. The photometric and geometric measurement of the light field is done within seconds and tested against tolerances. Approval against values requested by regulations like DIN EN 60601-2-41 medical lighting or DIN EN ISO 9680 dentistry lighting can be verified.

    • Measurement of the illuminance distribution
    • Illuminance distribution and spectral measurement
  • Maintenance and Calibration

    Maintenance and Calibration

    When installing the test system on site, opsira's engineers calibrate the system in compliance with international photometric transfer standards. The calibration records extensively document the traceability to international photometric standards.

    Furthermore, opsira offers the recalibration and maintenance of the system which is carried out once a year usually. The software provides a comfortable and easy-to-use calibration assistant which enables the user to carry out the calibration alone.

  • Software


    • The test stand is delivered including customised user interfaces depending on the specific demands. All important control elements for the measurement are handed out to the test staff. The basic settings, e.g. the link of the corresponding standards to the airfield lighting are done in an administrator mode.
    • Test protocols are generated, stored or printed automatically as required by the customer. Thus, each test result can easily be associated and traced to the measured airfield light.


Surgical luminaire modules

Medical examination lights

Endoscope lights

Projection lights

Surgical luminaires


power and voltage supplyAC, DC, up to 6 kW
power measuring devicesP, Peff, frequency, phase shift, etc.
thermal sensor systemtemperature, air pressure, humidity (i.e. for EN 13032-4)
temperature sensor systemmultichannel measurement by thermocouples
temperature control of samplesheating or cooling control of the sample
identification of samplesbarcode and DMC reader
labelling of sampleslabel printer, marker
ambient light protectionenclosure
securitylaser scanner for safety of user and system