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Whenever a project starts, is in process or ends, measurements of components or optical systems are essential. opsira measures the necessary optical values for you in several light measurement laboratories and provides significant measurement data and test reports. The measurements are carried out by means of traceably calibrated detectors and documented in detail.

From the simple measurement of a surface reflection through complex scattering light distributions to farfield luminous intensity distributions – you will receive your data shortly and can continue your project or include the data into your sales information. There are some examples of measurements carried out in the opsira lightlabs download.


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What is optical measurement?

Optical metrology generally describes the technology required to measure optical quantities (photometrical or radiometrical). opsira uses its own light measurement laboratories and can thus determine all the photometric data relevant to the project. These serve as a basis and also a prerequisite for the high quality of opsira's development results. In production control, opsira's test systems ensure the consistently high photometric quality of customer products on the basis of fast optical measurement processes.

What does opsira provide in connection with optical measurement technology?

The optical measurement systems of opsira are in-house developments used in the opsira light measurement laboratories and components or entire test stands are implemented according to customer requirements. Thus, hardly any limits are given here. The optical measurements range from simple surface reflections to complex scattered light distributions. The optical measurements are documented accordingly and provide significant measurement data, measurement reports or expert’s reports.