Light measurement with TÜV certification

Light measurements of the opsira lightlab/light measurement laboratory are carried out fast and at a favourable price, and, above all, in accordance with the requirements of „Photometry Laboratory Accuracy Guidelines“ for measurements according to the ECE regulations. The opsira goniophotometer robogonio was tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland in December 2015 already.

The new European standard DIN EN 13032-4 as well as IES, CIE S025 and EULUMDAT - easy for the opsira goniophotometer robogonio.

Make use of the individual solutions offered by opsira for optical measurements in several lightlabs. opsira will be glad to discuss your optics task and projects in respect of your individual requirements. You are welcome to contact opsira light experts.

Overview of light measurements and measurement methods

Possible light measurements and measurement methods in the opsira lightlabs

  • OMS-PHI-ST - Measurement of the total luminous flux (integrating sphere)
  • OMS-S-ST - Measurement of relative and/or absolute spectra (IR, VIS and UV) and calculation of all conventional color parameters such as chromaticity coordinates (X, Y, Z, x, y, u, v, u', v', L*a*b, Lab99), color temperature, color rendering indices, color saturation, hue angle, dominant wavelength and peak wavelength
  • OMS-LVK-ST / (OMS-EUL) - Measurement of the far field luminous intensity distribution and calculation of the total luminous flux (generation of far field files such as EULUMDAT and IES)
  • OMS-EULSYM - Symmetrization of the measurement data around symmetrical axes or planes
  • OMS-KLD - Cone beam chart generation
  • OMS-LWG - Determination of the luminaire light output ratio (goniophotometer)
  • OMS-LMW - Calculation of the luminous flux efficiency factor in lm/W and the energy efficiency grade
  • OMS-LVK-ST - Measurement of the far field radiant intensity distribution
  • OMS-LVK-SPR - Measurement of the luminous intensity and spectral distribution
  • OMS-E-ST - Measurement of the illuminance
  • OMS-I-ST - Measurement of the luminous intensity
  • OMS-I-LL - Measurement of the in-plane illuminance distribution respectively luminous intensity distribution (camera-based)
  • OMS-L-ST - Measurement of the luminance
  • OMS-LVK-L - Measurement of the far field luminous intensity distribution and calculation of the average luminance
  • OMS-L-K - Measurement of the luminance in a climate chamber
  • OMS-RS-ST - Measurement of ray data (photometric)
  • OMS-RS-FARB - Extension of the rayset file by one color (polychromatic)
  • OMS-TR - Measurement of transmission or reflection of material samples (e.g. glass, plastic, aluminum, leather, fabric etc.) in 1-D
  • OMS-ST-IP - Measurement of the in-plane scattering light behavior of material samples (in-plane)
  • OMS-ST-3D - Angle-resolved scattering light measurement (BSDF, BRDF, BTDF) of material samples (3-D) at various incident angles
  • OMS-STR - Measurement of the spectral transmission or reflection of one material sample by means of integrating sphere
  • OMS-ST-3D-SPR - Measurement of the spectral transmission and reflection of material samples (3-D) with various incident angles
  • OMS-RSE - Measurement of the relative spectral response of a photo detector
  • OMS-EVK - Measurement of the spatial reception distribution of a detector (e.g. cosine characteristics)

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