The test system for retroreflectors

The kps'retro compact testing system enables quick yet high-quality testing of retroreflectors while requiring a minimum of space.
Lengthy and extensive measurements in the light lab are now only required in rare cases. The test can be performed quickly and easily close to production. Even smaller companies without a complete light lab can reliably test their injection parameters with this system.
This allows fast and direct correction of production parameters (e.g. injection moulding settings) even with partial components.

Test and control systems

Production and quality control

The opsira eol (end of line) systems enable both the control of your production process and the quality of your products before delivery. opsira verifies your products while they are manufactured, robot based if required. The control is part of an automated solution including loading and unloading of the devices under test as well as pass/fail labelling of your products.

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power and voltage supplyAC, DC, up to 6 kW
power measuring devicesP, Peff, frequency, phase shift, etc.
thermal sensor systemtemperature, air pressure, humidity (i.e. for EN 13032-4)
temperature sensor systemmultichannel measurement by thermocouples
temperature control of samplesheating or cooling control of the sample
identification of samplesbarcode and DMC reader
labelling of sampleslabel printer, marker
ambient light protectionenclosure
securitylaser scanner for safety of user and system