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DIN EN 60601-2-41 and DIN EN 9680 are the relevant standards for illuminance and color. It is essential to adjust the color temperature/mixture (dynamic white), and to obtain efficiency regarding thermal management and light shaping. In the field of endoscopy, the central challenge is etendue. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of medical technology, opsira can provide its customers with comprehensive project know-how. This means:

  • Development support: opsira accompanies their customers all the way to the serial production, including production control and luminaire calibration if necessary.

  • Realistic optical simulation and optimization: The opsira lightlab provides high-quality ray data, and scattering properties (BSDF), transmission and reflection of the materials used.

  • Our portfolio: The opsira spectroradiometers for measuring the color properties, and opsira's illuminometers are developed for your requirements.

Optical Engineering. Light Lab. Test Systems. opsira is your full-service provider

Optics Design

Development of optical systems from the concept over the development, the production, and test of prototypes to series production.

Light Lab

Fast and precise light measurements of your light sources, LEDs and material samples carried out in the opsira lightlabs.

Optical Measurement Systems

Custom-made measuring systems for field work. The goniophotometer robogonio for example combines near-field, extremely fast far-field, and spectral measurement in one single, highly flexible system.

Test and Control Systems

The opsira eol (end-of-line) systems enable both the control of your production process and the quality of your products while they are manufactured, robot based if required.

diffusil® Diffusers

diffusil diffusers are made of a special opaque synthetic fused silica glass (99,999% SiO2). They are designed to create an almost perfect lambertian light output over a wide wavelength range in transmission and reflection.

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Do you have any questions?

What is DIN EN 60601?

DIN EN 60601 is based on the international IEC 60601 and regulates or defines safety requirements and ergonomic demands on medical electrical equipment. DIN EN 60601-2-41 regulates the details of photometric and radiometric requirements for operating theatre luminaires.

What is DIN EN 9680?

DIN EN ISO 9680 regulates the demands on operating lights. The example of a dental practice makes it clear: in addition to the general lighting of practice rooms such as corridors, waiting rooms, etc., the focus here lies on the details of the photometric and radiometric requirements for treatment luminaires that are to illuminate the patient's oral and maxillofacial region in the best possible way. Such requirements are regulated in DIN EN ISO 9680.

What is Dynamic White?

Dynamic White is a dynamic mixture of warm and cool white light within color temperature ranges of approx. 2000 K - 6000 K. The dynamic component then regulates the white light, for example, in a way that it imitates the color temperature of the sun during the course of the day. The market also speaks of "Human Centric Lighting" (HCL).