Photometer and radiometer

The photometers and radiometers of the frc family enable quick and easy measurement of illuminance and irradiance or luminous intensity and radiant intensity. Combined with the opsira integrating spheres, a simple measurement of the total luminous flux is possible. The unit is traceably calibrated and therefore delivered ready for immediate use. The powerful software also enables automatic measurement of long-term behaviour.


The universal Photometer

The photometer frc'3 enables a simple, precise, and absolute light measurement. Designed for the use in harsh surroundings and equipped with high-precision measurement technique, the photometer frc'3 is able to be used easily in laboratories as well as in production lines or during outside service tasks. The photometer frc'3 measures light sources and radiation sources from UV to IR very quickly and efficiently.

The photometer sensor of the frc'3 series can be equipped with a filter changer allowing a radiometrical and a photometrical weighting in one device. Broadband radiometrical filters as well as V(λ) filters or others are possible, up to 5 filter positions are available.

The photometer system frc'3 comes with powerful software supporting the data acquisition and processing.
Measurement data can be processed statistically and edited arbitrarily by a reporter. Printing a test report from the frc software is easily possible, too.
By use of the TCP/IP interface of the frc software the frc'3 sensor can be used in a production line to start or stop measurements, to process measurement data and to control the optional filter changer.

The configuration of the photometer frc'3 is included in goniophotometer robogonio in the alpha product line

Measuring quantities

Photometricilluminance [Lux], luminous intensity [cd]
Radiometricirradiance [W/m²], radiant intensity [W/sr]
Further quantitiesdepending on the filter configuration and accessories



Wavelength bandVIS 360 nm – 830 nm, NIR to 1050 nm, UV from 250nm
filter changer with 5 positions optional
A/D Wandler16 Bit
Measurement dynamics1·108, 10 mLux ≤ EV ≤ 1MLux (photometer)
Processing frequency1.2 Hz
Linearity99.7 %
Spectral adjustment photometric (f1)approx. 4 % typical
Temperature region10°C – 40°C ambient temperature
Temperature stability500 ppm/K
Shading (f2)< 0.5 %
Diffusoropaque silica glass diffusil® (Ø 18 mm), active plane: 29.8 mm², Ø 9.5 mm
System class (DIN 5032 Part 7)B, class A on request
Controlvia frc software (included)
Series measurementyes
Luminous and radiant intensity measurementyes
Supply voltage5V via USB
Connecting lead3 m USB cable, USB Type A plug
Dimensionsdiameter: 68 mm, height: 60 mm

400 g

Typical values of standard configuration Changes are possible depending on the system configuration. Variations to the technical data may occur due to the permanent
improvement and development of our measurement systems.


opsira photo- und radiometer frc'3 are available in different versions



Wavelength band

Modell: frc'3-v
Type: Radiometer VIS
Wavelength band: 350 nm - 830 nm
Modell: frc'3-f
Type: Photometer VIS
Wavelength band: 350 nm - 830 nm
Modell: frc'3-f-h
Type: Auxiliary photometer VIS
Wavelength band: 350 nm - 830 nm
Modell: frc'3-vi
Type: Radiometer VIS-NIR
Wavelength band: 350 nm - 1050 nm
Modell: frc'3-i
Type: Radiometer NIR
Wavelength band: 800 nm - 1050 nm
Modell: frc'3-i-h
Type: Auxiliary radiometer NIR
Wavelength band: 800 nm - 1050 nm
Modell: frc'3-r
Type: Radiometer UV-VIS-NIR
Wavelength band: 250 nm - 1050 nm
Modell: frc'3-uv
Type: Radiometer UV-VIS
Wavelength band: 250 nm - 830 nm
Modell: frc'3-u
Type: Radiometer UV
Wavelength band: 250 nm - 400 nm
Modell: frc’3-ua
Type: Radiometer UVA
Wavelength band: 315 nm - 400 nm
Modell: frc’3-ub
Type: Radiometer UVB
Wavelength band: 280 nm - 315 nm












All photometers and radiometers are available with the following accessory optics :
- diffusil® quartz glass diffuser (-D)
- quartz glass window (-Q)

Photometer VIS with diffuser: OTS-FRC-V-D


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