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For 20 years, opsira has been accompanying customers in the field of optical system technology – from the concept to the prototype ready for serial production. Whether competent development support, measurements in our light lab, or custom-made measuring systems for field work: We offer exactly what you need. Our highlight, the goniophotometer robogonio, combines near-field, extremely fast far-field, and spectral measurement in one single, highly flexible system. Customer-focussed. Flexible. Modern.

Optical Engineering. Light Lab. Test Systems. opsira is your full-service provider

Optics Design

Development of optical systems from the concept over the development, the production, and test of prototypes to series production.

Light Lab

Fast and precise light measurements of your light sources, LEDs and material samples carried out in the opsira lightlabs.

Optical Measurement Systems

Custom-made measuring systems for field work. The goniophotometer robogonio for example combines near-field, extremely fast far-field, and spectral measurement in one single, highly flexible system.

Test and Control Systems

The opsira eol (end-of-line) systems enable both the control of your production process and the quality of your products while they are manufactured, robot based if required.

diffusil® Diffusers

diffusil diffusers are made of a special opaque synthetic fused silica glass (99,999% SiO2). They are designed to create an almost perfect lambertian light output over a wide wavelength range in transmission and reflection.

Goniophotometer robogonio

robogonio combines the flexibility of a KUKA industrial robot with the precision of the opsira light measurement technique.

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Webshop diffusil® Diffusers

A large number of different diffusil diffuser types and sizes are available and can be ordered at the webshop.

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opsira Awards

KUKA Official System Partner
Growing success based on the long-lasting partnership with KUKA, one of the world's leading suppliers of intelligent, robot-based automation solutions. opsira robogonio series relies on KUKA.

OSCAR for opsira
Volker Schumacher, General Manager of opsira GmbH and Head of the optics design department, was honored with the Hollywood Oscar  (Scientific and Engineering Award from Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, AMPAS).

opsira Certification

ISO 9001:2015
opsira GmbH is certified by the DEKRA Certification GmbH according to the standard ISO 9001:2015.
The scope of certification includes the development and manufacture of light measurement systems, optical development services, measurements in the light laboratory and on site, calibration services and trade with optical semi-finished products.

Please contact
General Manager
Jürgen P. Weißhaar:
Phone +49 751 561890

opsira History

1999 | Foundation

Volker Schumacher and Juergen P. Weisshaar take the chance to found a spin-off out of the Steinbeis-group to be able to handle optical projects in brandnew and much bigger premises. The non-sequential simulation of optical systems makes opsira a trailblazer in Europe.

2001 | 2. Lightlab

The high demand for light source measurements and scatter light measurements requires a second opsira lightlab.

2002 | gonio'4pi

A novel self-supporting goniophotometer, the gonio'4pi, is developed, launched and immediately used at one of the most important German automobile companies.

2005 | ARRI MAX

A variable beam spread, a constantly high light quality and a shading resembling the shading of the sun, the development demands to be met by the ARRI MAX reflector. The free form facette technique, designed and patented by opsira paves the way for a complete luminaire series and a for the Oscar.

2005 | Measurement 18 kW Lamp

Ray data needed for the development of the ARRI MAX reflector. The connection power of 18 kW combined with a luminous flux of 1.650.000 lm cause the temperature inside the lightlab to rise to 45°C. Result 1: A redecoration of the laboratory. Result 2: High quality ray data available for the development of the optics of the floodlight reflector.

2006 | LED Surgical Lamp with Color Mixing

Development of the first LED surgical luminaire with integrated color mixing optics and faceted multi-lens system. The optics provides for an optimum light quality.

2007 | gonio'2pi

A research project results in the development of the hemisphere goniophotometer gonio'2pi, a combined system for lightsource and scatter light measurement, one of the most solid and precise systems on the market until today.

2009 | Scientific Oscar

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) honors Volker Schumacher for the optical concept, the optical development and the simulations of the ARRIMAX floodlight reflector. The success is duly celebrated at the official Oscar Award Celebration in Hollywood.

2010 | 3 more Lightlabs

Extensive office remodelling  lead to 3 more lightlabs desperately needed.  A long distance measurement lab, a scatter light measurement lab and a calibration lab. opsira office space increases to 650 m².

2012 | robogonio

Development and launch of the goniophotometer "robogonio" which is unique throughout the world. Registration of the trademark "robogonio". opsira defines a milestone by a completely different and new approach in history of goniophotometry.

2013 | 6. Lightlab

As the demand for calibration of luminance measurement cameras is growing, a 6. lightlab for characterization and calibration of the camera systems is established. opsira office space increases to 800 m².

2016 | KUKA System Partnership

KUKA, one of the world's leading suppliers of robotics, presents opsira as official system partner for robot-based light measurement technique.

2016 | Projection Optics

opsira enlargen their optical design portfolio by imaging optical systems. For projection optics, for example, the illumination optics and the imaging optics can be designed and adjusted.

2017 | gonio'0pi

Trailblazer for the angle-dependent measurement and characterization of volume scattering materials.  Material producers use the gonio'0pi. Spectral volume scattering models for optics design are based on the measuring results.

2018 | Webshop diffusil

diffusil - the unique material for almost perfect light scattering. The diffusil webshop for easy ordering of the diffusers goes online.

2019 | ISO-Certificate

opsira have always attached great importance to the quality of their products and services, continuing with the Certification according to ISO9001:2015 in March 2019.
opsira - fit for the coming 20 years!

2. Lightlab
Measurement of
18 kW Lamp
LED Surgical Lamp with Color Mixing
Scientific Oscar
3 more Lightlabs
6. Lightlab
KUKA System Partnership
Projection Optics
Webshop diffusil
25 years opsira

For over 20 years, we have stood for quality, innovation and flexibility. Our customers are happy to draw on the expert knowledge of our team of physicists, engineers and technicians. We manufacture and distribute integrating spheres

as well as detectors and carry out measurements in our six laboratories. As the inventor of the robot-based measurement system, the goniophotometer robogonio, we not only enable innovation, but have brought a new development to the market ourselves.


What is optical system technology?

Optical systems engineering is the name of a scientific field that deals with the subject of light, taking into account physical, chemical and biological laws and technologies. In particular, it deals with the topics of measurement, shaping, generation and amplification of light.
Optical systems engineering is also called optronics because it combines the engineering disciplines of optics, mechanics, electronics, and information technology in a so-called cross-sectional science.

Why choose opsira as full-service provider in optical systems engineering?

With over 20 years of experience in the field of optical system technology, opsira is a highly experienced partner that can provide everything from a single source, from concept to prototype ready for series production. In addition to the development of optical systems and customized measuring systems and test benches, opsira also offers high-end equipment for your lighting laboratory. Whether goniophotometer, spectrometer, radiometer, photometer or integrating sphere, at opsira you will find a wide range of high-quality systems for sale. In addition, opsira offers the measurement of your light sources, LEDs and material samples in its own light measurement laboratories as a service.

Which optical engineering services are offered by opsira?

As specialists in optics development, optical metrology, optical measurement, and testing systems, opsira covers the complete range of optical system technology: optics concept development, optics development, optics simulation, optical metrology, spectral simulation, prototypes and the production of small series.
In addition to individual developments in optical systems technology, opsira also offers high-quality products in optical measurement technology or light measurement technology, e.g. for light measurement laboratories. The development of individual test stands for optical measurements is also an opsira core competence.
As a service provider, opsira acts with its light laboratories. Here, optical measurement services such as scattered light measurements, spectral measurements, luminance measurements and many other measurements can be carried out and expert opinions or neutral test reports can be prepared.

What is produced by opsira?

opsira develops high-quality optical products customized or for common applications as finished (measuring) products for purchase. Customer requirements are always a priority.

opsira has been the perfect partner for over 20 years in the development of optical systems, from optical design to small series production.

As a light measurement service provider, opsira covers all the requirements of light measurement laboratories and supplies precise photometric data of your light sources and material samples.

The optical measurement products for light measurement range from spectrometers to the highly flexible robotic-based goniophotometer "robogonio".

As part of its comprehensive range of products and services, opsira is also able to develop entire test stands according to your requirements so that you can carry out the necessary measurements directly on site.

Which industries are supported by opsira in the field of optical systems engineering?

opsira supports its customers in optical systems engineering primarily in the general lighting, automotive, medical technology and signal lighting sectors. In addition to these sectors, there are a large number of other markets and products that benefit from opsira's work.