optical simulation

for optimal results

opsira’s main tools for the development of optical systems are state-of-the-art optical simulation software packages that are used to design, optimize and test entire systems.  We examine different types of potential systems and find the best optical solution through virtual prototyping even before producing the first parts.

Tolerance analyses are performed to ensure product manufacturability on a wide variety of system parameters such as optical element variability, mechanical accuracy, and light source variability each in turn influenced by its own fabrication process that directly affects total system performance.

The advantage of virtual prototyping: a solid design at an early development state without the need for prototyping hardware.

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What is meant by optics simulation?

As the name suggests, optical simulation simulates optical systems. By means of modern optics simulation software, the optical system is designed, implemented, tested and optimised. This saves costs, because all the necessary parameters are analysed and optimised before any parts are manufactured. The developer has the experience and the ideas, the simulation brings these ideas to an optimal result.

Where is optics simulation used?

Since optics simulation is one of the main tools in the development of optical systems, it is an integral part of the opsira development process.

What are the advantages of optics simulation?

In short, the advantage of optics simulation is to provide a substantiated statement about the final optical system based on real measurement data and thus to receive an optimal result in a shorter time. This saves costs and development time.