Spectral measurement

Color qualification

opsira’s spectral emission measurements are used to qualify and quantify the colorimetric properties of light sources or tests luminaires and displays.  Colorimetric properties, such as color temperature and color rendition indices, are important indicators in the evaluation of medical lamps or color control luminaires. 

As LEDs become more commonly used in illumination applications, they will require such spectral analysis to verify component and system performance. Our spectral measurements are measured as a function of angle and can be performed under different ambient conditions such as temperature.

Possible measurements:

  • Measurement of emission spectra from UV to VIS and even NIR
  • Measurement of chromaticity coordinates, color temperature, color rendering indices, spectral portions
  • Measurement of integral parameters by weighting functions (MED, actinic conjunctivitis, keratitis, ICNIRP evaluations, etc.)
  • Series measurement (ramp-up behavior, thermo-spectral behavior)
  • Measurement of absorption values

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