Emission measurement

Precise measurement for high-quality optics simulation

High fidelity simulation of optical systems is based upon accurate measurements. opsira’s 3D source imaging goniometers, gonio’2pi and gonio’4pi, enable us to test light sources that range from mini-LEDs to high-performance halogen or gas discharge light sources. The resulting measurement data defines the near-field luminance distributions as well as the far-field luminous intensity distributions.

The goniometer carries out several thousand luminance measurements for each light source, generating the ray data for the optical simulation via luca’rayset-algorithm. These ray data can be easily exported to a variety of software design packages through opsira’s cost-free software, luca’raymaker.  The user is able to control the number of desired rays for simulation. Ray data for a large number of popular light sources is offered by opsira.


  • Delivery of ray data for all current simulation programs
  • Spatially resolved near-field ray data
  • Polychromatical measurement of the light sources also possible
  • Measurement from UV to NIR
  • Extremely solid measuring construction, suitable for very small light sources

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