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retroreflector test system

quick testing of retroreflectors by kps'retro

The kps'retro compact testing system enables quick yet high-quality testing of retroreflectors while requiring a minimum of space.
Lengthy and extensive measurements in the light lab are now only required in rare cases. The test can be performed quickly and easily close to production. Even smaller companies without a complete light lab can reliably test their injection parameters with this system.
This allows fast and direct correction of production parameters (e.g. injection moulding settings) even with partial components.

The test specimens are homogeneously illuminated with collimated light emitted by a precise projector.
The alignment is performed simply and reliably by an integrated laser. The specimens can easily be placed in the correct position using the electronically adjustable specimen table.
The two high-quality photometers (Category L) measure the retroreflection values quickly, reliably and, thanks to the optimised apertures, analogue to the specifications of the long measuring distance in the light lab.

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