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switchboard and multiplexer

Excellent integration.

goniophotometer switchboard electronics

Switchboard and multiplexer are add-ons for opsira's goniophotometer robogonio.

With the robogonio, you get an all-round carefree package. We plan and configure the integration of the robogonio in your measuring lab as per the respective requirements. The wide range of accessories includes integrated power supplies, power measuring devices, multiplexers, electrified mounting adapters and thermal sensors for luminaires. Once the robogonio is installed and tested on site by opsira, it is ready for use immediately.


  • Main operating switch module with emergency stop and release function
  • Switch panel for easy connection of test pieces to supplies and electrical measuring technology (in conncetion with a mounting adapter)
  • Drawer for storing measuring accessories
  • Power supplies (AC & DC)
  • robogonio control (only with mrg-6 and mrg-10)
  • Control PC (19" industrial PC)



The multiplexer doesn't just enable you to control various channels. Even measurements of parameters with different current, voltage and power requirements are carried out with just one lab power supply and one power measuring devices.

  • 1-to-4 multiplexer for automated switching of supply and test channels via power electronics, cascadable
  • Integration in the robogonio mounting adapter
  • Switching of supply and measuring lines (exclusive OR)
  • Control via the Gonio software
  • Option principally for automotive applications


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