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The versatile spectroradiometer

The spectroradiometer system spr‘3 enables a speedy and easy measurement of spectral distributions and the respective illuminance and irradiance. The evaluation and processing of all current colorimetric parameters is simple by means of the appendant software tool spec’3. Depending on the application, the user can choose a variety of spectral regions. Normally, the spr’3 is used within the visible spectral region of 360 nm to 830 nm, also within UV for the measurement of UV-irradiance.

The measurement system consists of an array-spectrometer measuring with high wavelength resolution and with electromechanical shutter and filter wheel function. Therefore, adjustments to weighting functions or measurement areas are possible whenever required. The spectrometer is complemented by a top-quality photometer of high measurement dynamic. Again, depending on the application, detectors for the visible region (VIS), the near infrared area (NIR) as well as UV detectors are available.
The system provides an excellent linearity over several orders of magnitude. Additionally, the measurement values are corrected in respect of temperature in order to eliminate the influence of the ambient temperature on the measuring accuracy almost completely. The spr’3 can be connected to a USB interface directly and does not need any external analysis units.

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