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Convenient measurement of spectral distributions

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The configuration with the spectrometer spec'3 is included in the goniophotometer robogonio top line product line

The spectral measurement system spec'3 allows a speedy measurement of spectral distributions from UV to NIR. The respective weighting functions enable a direct edition of UV parameters as e.g. MED. Within the visible spectral region the colorimetric values are displayed directly according to CIE. A continuous live mode display is possible whereby timely changes can easily be observed or adjustments facilitated sensibly. In the evaluation software colour tolerance areas can be defined to carry out quick tests with respect to the test specifications. The colour rendering values according to CIE are updated permanently in the live mode. The colour rendering diagram gives an overview of all values from R1 to R14 in a fast and easy way.

For a sensible evaluation of the measuring values, the chromaticity coordinates ΔC to the Planck’s curve as well as the corresponding correlated colour temperature are delivered as well. By means of the automated adjustment of the integration time and of the integrated automatic shutter for the dark correction, the system is being stabilized in an ideal working position and thus assures a complete usage of the digitalization depth. Measurements of emission, reflection or transmission characteristics round off the capacity spectrum of the measurement system. Furthermore, the operation of several spectrometers simultaneously with the same or even different wavelength bands is possible. By means of the TCP/IP add-on spec’remote the integration of the spectrometer into any test environment can be realized.

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