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goniophotometry software

Software and reporting functions like the graphical plot of the luminous intensity distribution curve (Polar LDC) are add-ons for opsira's goniophotometer robogonio.


  • All opsira goniophotometer applications and all components can be operated, read and evaluated directly using the gonio software.
  • The software supports measurements in various coordinate systems. These include C-planes, B-planes, and cartesian coordinates (scanning).
  • Every instrument, whether a goniophotometer, a detector system, or an auxiliary sensor system, is easily configured with separate setting menus.
  • Complex measuring sequences such as run-up behaviour, measurement or data export can be defined as desired via batch mode.
  • Recurring measurements can be saved and reused at any time at the click of a mouse.
  • All the data of a measurement operation, whether photometric, electrical or other, is saved in a measurements database and can be evaluated and visualised as desired.
  • The light distribution can be exported as IES, Eulumdat or also as a table.
  • The software delivers freely configurable large displays for every measuring quantity.


Polar LDC

The graphical plot of the luminous intensity distribution curve can be configured individually and customised with the most important data for light planning. Templates derived from this can be saved and retrieved at any time, which enables you to always work with the same graphics.

The luminous intensity or illuminance distributions can be visualised in various evaluation graphs. Depending on the application, specific test reports are generated directly in PDF format and the plots are exported in common graphics formats.



Of course, the robogonio software also provides for safety. The implemented collision control makes sure that the interactions between test piece, space, and the robogonio functions smoothly.


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