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Mounting adapter and thermal sensors

Simplified connection and measuring.

addon for robogonio goniophotometer

The mounting adapter as well as thermal sensors are add-ons for goniophotometer robogonio by opsira.

Mounting adapter

Various mounting adapters can be used for easy connection to the robogonio and direct testing of any kind of test piece, be it an elongated light guide, a signal light, or an LED. They enable integrated and simple supplying of test pieces and virtually eliminate the need for any additional cables.

  • Slot system for easy installation of test pieces
  • 230 volt spply with ground contact
  • Banana jacks with protective ground conductor
  • SUB-D, 9-pin (D-SUB 9F or D-SUB 9S)
  • RJ45 jack, UAE (universal connection unit) 8(8)
  • Four different sizes


Thermal sensors

Temperature information is extremely important when measuring LED systems. Various questions need to be answered: How hot does the LED get during operation? How does the power change? Which maximum temperatures can be achieved? The thermal sensors determine these values and the gonio software logs them.

  • Temperature sensors for measuring and recording the temperature at up to 10 measuring points (thermocouple input J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N, C, L, M, L DIN 43710)
  • Integration in the robogonio mounting adapter (goniometer table)
  • Reading out the temperature measuring points with the goniophotometer software



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