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integrating sphere uku500

integrating sphere type uku500

opsira Ulbrichtkugel uku500
  • Robust integrating sphere made of aluminum
  • Solid welded construction in cantilever Al-frame
  • Internal coating made of high-quality barium sulfate (BaSO4)
  • Outside coating RAL9005 (deep black), further coatings available on request
  • Hinged hemisphere
  • Ergonomically designed working height (table-top device)
  • Sample holder in the center of the sphere (optional)
  • Sample holder at the side port (optional)


Integrating sphere diameter

500 mm

Sphere wall thicknessabout 3 mm
Internal coatingBaSO4

Reflection factor of the 
internal coating

about 93 %

Diameter Port 1 @ 90/0

125 mm

Diameter Port 2 @ 12/18060 mm
Diameter Port 3 @ 90/13520 mm
Diameter Port 4 @ 90/-13520 mm
Port fraction f‹ 2,5 %
Sphere factor Mabout 9,6
Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height)525x700x800 mm³
Weightabout 28 kg

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