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The compact near-field goniophotometer

The fast-paced world of LEDs demands actual light source data for detailed optics simulations. Besides the datasheet parameters, ray data play an increasingly important role in optics simulations with respect to the small size and the narrow distance between the optics and the light source.
opsira’s gonio'2pi-mini is a compact system at a favourable price for measuring ray data mono- and polychromatically.

gonio‘2pi-mini provides all possibilities its big brother gonio'2pi offers, however at a clearly smaller size. The dark box option enables the operation of gonio'2pi-mini outside of the dark lab.
gonio'2pi-mini uses the same high-quality opsira detectors as the „big“ goniometers of the gonio'2pi series and the robogonio series. The modular system of detector adapters makes a fast and precise change of the detector systems possible.

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