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gonio'2pi and gonio'4pi


opsira’s  goniophotometers record angular dependent photometric parameters around a light source, a luminaire, a detector or a material sample. We offer uniaxial In-Plane goniophotometers as well as 3D-goniophotometers up to 4-axis.  The compact construction of our goniophotometer type gonio'2pi allows a measurement of the hemisphere. The 4-axis goniometer even enables a fully automated complete measurement of an anisotropic scatter sample. The gonio'4pi is available for full sphere measurements without turning the sample. About 99,5% of the complete 4π solid angle can be measured. All goniophotometer types work with an angular accuracy of 0,0001º.

The solid construction as well as the direct drive concept introduced and consequently implemented by opsira guarantees a very high accuracy and precision from our goniometer systems.
Photometers and radiometers, the luca luminance measurement systems, the spectral measurement systems spec’3 and SPR’3 as well as high-quality photomultipliers are available as detectors.

goniophotometer gonio'2pi product information

Want to see our goniophotometer on a fully flexible robotic arm? Check out our flagship goniophotometer robogonio.


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