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diffusil diffusers

The perfect lambertian quartz diffusers

diffusil diffusers are made of a special opaque synthetic fused silica glass (99,999% SiO2). They are designed to create an almost perfect lambertian light output over a wide wavelength range, regardless if they are used in transmission (diffusil-T) or reflection (diffusil-R) mode. diffusil diffusers are the ideal light scattering element for light sources and optical sensors working in the range of 190 – 3200nm.Millions of tiny little gas bubbles inside the ultra-pure synthetic fused silica glass are the secret of the optical behavior of diffusil diffusers. They act as optical scattering centers. The gas bubbles of diameters of appr. 3µm are distributed homogeneously in the glass volume and lead to these extraordinary optical results. Due to this working principle neither surface defects nor surface contamination affect the scattering profile of diffusil diffusers.Unlike other diffuser materials diffusil diffusers can withstand temperature shocks of several hundred degrees and harsh chemical environments without any damages.Besides the most commonly used shapes such as square or round plane-parallel discs, customized diffuser shapes and sizes are available as well. Even special, precisely adjusted scattering profiles can be delivered. Surface qualities can be chosen as “honed” or “polished”.
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You are welcome to order our diffusil sample box for test purposes.
The sample box includes:
diffuse silica glass (transmission), UV grade, both sides honed
1x OTS-DIF-T-0100: diffusil UV-500,   diameter d = 10mm, thickness t = 1mm
1x OTS-DIF-T-0110: diffusil UV-1000, diameter d = 10mm, thickness t = 1mm
1x OTS-DIF-T-0120: diffusil UV-2000, diameter d = 10mm, thickness t = 1mm

You can order the diffusil sample box for a protective charge of € 80,00 plus shipping.
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