Accessory for the luminance measurement system luca

luca’luxSystem add-on for fast measurement of illuminance and luminous intensity distributions
gonio'0pi, gonio'2pi, gonio'4piGoniophotometer for angle-dependent measurement
robogonioGoniophotometer for angle-dependent measurement with high flexibility
Measurement lensesMeasurement lenses for measurement of various areas at different distances
FilterFilter for any spectral weighting functions
FixingTripods, fixing for wall and ceiling, camera adapter

Accessory for all types of the integrating sphere series uku and uls

Port adapter

OTS-Z-UKU-A0Port lock cover plate for the integrating sphere for prevention against light and dust
OTS-Z-UKU-A1Port lock cover plate for mounting an SMA connector light fiber (1/4-36 UNS) to the integrating sphere
OTS-Z-UKU-A2Port lock cover plate for mounting a fiber collimator (3/8-24 UNF) to the integrating sphere
OTS-Z-UKU-A4Fixing claw for mounting the frc'3 photometer to the integrating sphere or stray light baffle
OTS-Z-UKU-A5Fixing claw for mounting of detectors to the integrating sphere
OTS-Z-UKU-A6Fixing claw for mounting the spr’3 spectroradiometer to the integrating sphere with
improved cable management
OTS-Z-UKU-A7Port cover / window for ports with diameter of 100 mm with lambertian scattering
silica glass (diffusil®) and threads for brackets to fix samples


OTS-LMS-xLuminance measurement system

Light sources

OTS-UKU-HLQ01Auxiliary light source, needs 60 mm port
OTS-Z-KLQ-HAL100Luminous flux calibration light source, Halogen, 100W
OTS-KLQ-0010LED calibration light source

Power supply

OTS-Z-LSV-PS512Fixed voltage supply for the auxiliary light source
OTS-LSV-DC-030High-quality programmable laboratory power supply for defined and controlled start of
calibration light sources (uls)


OTS-UKU-xxx-PT1Sample platform for the positioning of sources or luminaires in the center of the sphere
(needs 168/0 port)
OTS-UKU-xxx-PT2Sample platform for the positioning of samples at the side port (needs 90/0 or 90/180

Coating service

OTS-UKU-xxx-NBNew coating of an integrating sphere


Further accessories on request

Accessory for all types of the integrating sphere series uku

  • FSMA port lock cover plate with fibre optic connection
  • Port lock cover for dust and light protection
  • Auxiliary light source
  • Calibrated auxiliary light source
  • frc'3 photometer
  • spr'3 spectroradiometer
  • spec’3 spectrometer
  • Fixing claw for frc'3
  • Fixing claw for spr'3
  • Fixing claw for frc-f-l
  • Sample platform for the positioning of samples
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Optical bench outside the integrating sphere, 2pi configuration
  • Power meter, measurement of the luminous flux efficiency in lm/W
  • High-quality programmable laboratory power supply

Accessory for the Photometer frc'3

Accessory for the spectroradiometer spr'3

Accessory for the spectral measurement system spec'3

  • Reflection standard
  • Integrating spheres
  • Shutter
  • Diffusors (COS - weighting)
  • Various measurement fibres
  • Light sources
  • Absolute detector heads
  • Software Plug-in MED
  • Software Add-on spec'remote
  • USB2LAN Ethernet interface