luminance measurement goniophotometry robot

One System. Six Advantages.

  1. Maximum Flexibility – Goniophotometry in near and far field…

    Goniophotometry in near and far field, multiple detector systems combined in one device.

  2. Extremely quick scans – fast Class L photometer shortens…

    The fast Class L photometer shortens the measurement duration.  This means: hemisphere within approximately 120 seconds.

  3. Variable Size: robogonio in numerous sizes…

    The robogonio is available in multiple variations (with a payload of 6 kg to up to 1000 kg), special additions are available. Our official system partner: the KUKA Roboter GmbH.

  4. Maximum precision – highest angle repeatability…

    The robogonio offers highest angle repeatabilities of up to 0.005° as well as a photometer of the highest class (L).

  5. Intuitive operation – easy to use…

    The robogonio is easy to operate. Complicated and error-prone measurements with mirror goniophotometers are a thing of the past.

  6. All-round carefree package – your partner from start to finish…

    From the complete planning of our system over component calibration to competent after-sales support, we are pleased to support you.

Trade show highlight at special price of 66.000 EUR*
The goniophotometer robogonio alpha 8

  • Detector: Standard photometer frc-f
  • The alpha line is equipped with the solid photometer frc‘3 for luminous intensity distribution are conducted step by step with the desired measurement resolution. A typical LID measurement takes approximately 100 minutes.

product details

* Trade show price plus VAT, if any. Valid until 30 June 2018. Cost of installation, delivery and CE-conformity test not included.


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robogonio Details

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robogonio in action

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